Rose Horticultural Services Irrigation has over 20 years of experience with irrigation design, products and industry standards. We work with our clients on a personal basis in order to provide the most feasible and economical approach to the irrigation design.

Irrigation Design
Complete and detailed construction drawings, including installation details and construction specifications for irrigation systems, are provided to our clients. Construction document packages are developed using the latest  tools.

Irrigation Consulting
Carefully defining and reviewing unique constraints and variables of each project allows Rose Horticultural Services to recommend the most feasible and economical approach, dependent on the client's budget and expectations. We look beyond the initial construction costs to consider long-term management and annual water and power costs.

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  • Construction Drawings and Specifications

  • Central Control Specification

  • Pumping Stations and Water Sourcing

  • Solar-Powered Systems

  • Landscape Irrigation Auditing

  • Cost Estimates

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