Rose Horticultural Services' company philosophy is deeply rooted in owner Ken Hipps' vision integrating the complexities of managing nature with the needs of his clients - consolidating a plurality of horticultural service solutions into a single resource for his commercial and residential customers.


Rose Horticultural Services provides many solutions in the form of landscape design and maintenance, tree trimming solutions, and Irrigation services.

The services that Rose Horticultural Services offers touch many areas from commercial lawn/property management to residential services.  Our Landscape Design and Construction services address  the complex needs of our clients without ever sacrificing quality.  We accomplish all our projects on an individual, timely, and cost-effective management technique.


Each client has special needs - we understand those needs and approach each project with integrity and a guarantee for our work.


Rose Horticultural Services believes that vision, desire and planning fuel the energy behind exceptional horticultural management.

Design is the first building block of a great landscape and this initial step ensures success even before the construction or management process begins.

Rose Horticultural Services researches both historic and the latest design, management and irrigation trends using the highest quality installation techniques for every project.